Angry Gran Run: Tips & Tricks to Help Granny Escape Fred the Agent

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Endless running games have always been a popular genre in video games. Since Temple Run became a colossal hit, tons of developers also created endless running games with their unique twist. One of these fantastic developers is called Ace Viral, who made Angry Gran Run. And of course, Angry Gran Run is not like Temple Run because it has its own elements that make it different and original. Its storyline and gameplay are both fun and exciting that will keep players wanting more of the action. Also, you never see an angry grandma running through the streets while escaping her carer!

If you want to help grandma and escape Fred, you might need a little bit of help, especially if you are a beginner. But don’t worry, you will easily master the gameplay in no time because it’s very easy. Play Angry Gran Run and become the fastest grandma in the streets!

Tips That You Need to Know to Help Grandma Escape

Angry Gran Run is one of the most addictive endless running game right now. The game’s goal is to help her escape Fred, who wants to get her back to the Angry Ward. All you need to do is jump, slide left and right, collect coins, and avoid obstacles while making sure Fred is not tailing you. Some players may find it hard, mainly because the game becomes faster, and it all looks like a blur once you get into the challenging part. That’s why we have the necessary guidance to help you out!

  1. Make Sure to Go Far – Once you have gotten far enough, you will be able to unlock more power-ups, which are essential in the game. The farther you get and the higher your score, the more benefits you will reap from the game. So don’t lose your hope and make sure to do your best!
  2. Choose Your Power-up – When it comes to purchasing your power-ups or booster, you need to consider what’s more important. Other boosters are not that essential and are sometimes a waste of money. Some of the best power-ups are those that let you collect more coins. The coin multiplier picks up is one example of a super power-up because the more coins you have, the more power-ups and items you can purchase. The magnetic power-up will help you collect coins even if you don’t intentionally collect them because the magnet will automatically pull them in.
  3. Upgrading Your Power-up – One kind of power-up that needs upgrading is the coin value because you can easily earn more coins with just one go. This means you don’t have to run a far distance only to collect more coins. The power-up will help you get those coins even in just a short span of time. Once you have enough coins, you can buy power-ups that are not related to collecting coins, like the unlimited double jumps.
  4. Jumping at an Arch – Some players can’t seem to collect all of the coins when they encounter an arch or an obstacle. But don’t worry because you can collect all those coins when you jump as soon as you hit the second or third coin but don’t do a double jump! Once you get that, you can master the art of collecting coins when facing an arch.