Bubble Shooter: Panda Pop! – The Tips That You Need to Know to Become a Pro Bubble Popper

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If you love playing bubble shooting games, then Bubble Shooter: Panda Pop! is going to be right up your alley! Who can resist cute pandas and the satisfying feeling of popping up bubbles? Nobody can! But beware because Panda Pop! is unlike any other bubble shooting game out there. It has challenging levels that will make you question your every move. But don’t worry, you will surely get it once you have mastered your bubble-popping skills.

Panda Pop! is a fantastic puzzle game filled with adventure and cute baby pandas that needs rescuing. So match three colors or more to pop the bubbles and let the baby pandas go! But make sure that you complete the levels before you run out of bubbles to shoot!

If you are having a hard time popping these bubbles, we have excellent tips and tricks to help you overcome the tricky levels. Read more to find out!

The Unbelievable Tips to Help You Surpass Panda Pop!

  1. Save the Baby Pandas – Remember that aside from popping the bubbles, your number one goal is to help save the baby pandas that are stuck. So it doesn’t matter if you don’t get to pop all of the bubbles on the board. What’s important is that there are no baby pandas left.
  2. Remember to Aim – Aiming is the number one thing you need to practice. There are times where the board is full of bubbles, so you need to aim carefully to hit the bubbles that you want to pop. Press the game board, drag left or right, and release the bubbles once you’re ready. Pulling the aimer back towards Mama Panda will cancel your aim.
  3. Make Sure to Achieve Your Goals – Every game has a list of achievements that will make a player more competitive. Once you tick one achievement, you can earn various rewards like bonuses, extra lives, and free power-ups. These will help you complete a level more quickly and level up faster.
  4. Bubbles Change Color – Once you face more challenging levels, the balls will change color, and it becomes an obstacle. All you need to do is pay attention to the sequence of the change in colors to master these tough and tricky levels right away.
  5. Use the Spikes – Instead of it being obstacles, you can use the spikes to help you. For example, use the spikes for popping the bubbles that you don’t want to use yet.
  6. Mind the Wall Texture – Unlike some other bubble popping games, Panda Pop! has some levels where the wall appears angled. But this doesn’t affect the bounce of the bubbles. All you need is to angle your aim to bounce the ball accurately every time.
  7. Pay Attention – Plan ahead of each level by watching your monitor closely. You can memorize the layout once you see the screen when the level starts. You can even take a screenshot if you want to make sure you win the level.
  8. Bubbles vs. Boosters – Use power-ups as much as you can because the bubbles left at the end of the game will add more bonus points.
  9. Combine Power-ups – You can strategically use your power-ups or boosters by combining them. But you don’t have to combine them all the time because it’s not that strategic.